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Hhm, u like this? :с
idk about this

During the year since my tumblr I first write this post, lol

My Tumblr Crushes:
1. noelyely (12%)
2. gigasims (6%)
3. armanasims (4%)
4. lazysimmer97 (4%)
5. lookbook-sims (3%)
6. woohoo-juice-simoleons (3%)
7. shanni-bo-banni (3%)
8. plumb-barb (3%)
9. moonseoul (2%)

 i love  u <3

heey, elite XD

I know it’s terrible, I was just trying to practice, it is necessary to something to start

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1. Name
- Alexander
2. URL - |
3. Blog name - sims3melanholik
4. Crush - noelyely, plumb-barb, gigasims, rollingsim, momosims, moonseoul, andhisrabbits, tractusopticus, aquamarinus (лю сук), kosmokhaos, prettybigsim, zauma, pololongsims, bobo-sims (сук хихикс), leahlillith, supertrapb0lous (soooooo), benedictwallace, missfortunesims and many many some~~~
5. Favourite colour - black (чо рил)
6. Write something in capitals - hhhm what to write….I make screenshots in sims, obduce, walking, fap-fap, like all other people xd
7. Favourite artist/band - Nicki Minaj
8. Favourite number - 15
9. Favourite drink - Bella Cola - only in my town. baby :D
10. Tag 10 people - lets go:
noelyely, plumb-barb, gigasims, rollingsim, momosims, moonseoul,  benedictwallace, kosmokhaos, prettybigsim, supertrapb0lous.



my face, when I look at my old screenshots in sims





this is my original called california ahh i hope you like it

I love your voice (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)